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The best of the BDE ecosystem.

This past weekend I had my boy Miller’s bachelor party in Scottsdale, then headed to San Francisco yesterday for a few days of IRL meetings.

Translation: I’ve been busy. But I also hit 10,000 subscribers this past week and realized most of you have missed some of my best content.

So I’m simultaneously mailing this one in while also somewhat over-achieving. Get those bookmarks ready: here’s the top 10 pieces of content in the BDE ecosystem…

  1. The beehiiv Investor Journey — drop in your email and receive every single investor update, complete and unedited, since we first launched the business (one month at a time). I love reliving the early days of this journey, and also sharing the lessons learned with all of you.

  2. How to get hired — 99% of people suck at getting hired. I share what I think the best candidates do to standout + how we’ve hired our A players at beehiiv.

  3. Building in public — I think building in public is a super power for startups (when done correctly). I share my thesis + examples of how to do this effectively.

  4. Always be shipping — beehiiv ships more, faster than 99% of companies. Here's my tell all as to how we do it.

  5. The power of investor updates — my #1 recommendation for any startup founder is to write monthly investor updates (even if you don't have investors). It's been one of my biggest unlocks as a founder and I explain how and why.

  6. Do things that don’t scale — too many startups misallocate time and resources to build "forever solutions". There are countless advantages to doing things that don't scale and I share them all (+ stories from beehiiv).

  7. beehiiv Seed Deck — the deck we used to raise our $2.6M seed round back in the summer of 2020.

  8. Focus days — probably the best decision I’ve ever made while running beehiiv. We are one of the most meeting-light companies you’ll ever come across.

  9. 0 to 8,000 subscribers in 2 months — the full step-by-step playbook of how I scaled this newsletter in my first two months. Tons of repeatable strategies to steal and take advantage of.

  10. 4am Club — the inception of this whole project.. and how being so damn excited about beehiiv and life in general keeps me up at night.

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Credit: Mark Benliyan

Shoutout Mark for the reader submission.

I’m a sucker for three things, in no particular order:

  • Floor to ceiling windows

  • Hardwood ceilings

  • Live-engewood tables

Reply with your own AI generated office and I’ll feature it in an upcoming issue.

Turn on, tune in, drop out. Click on any of the tracks below to get in a groove — each selected from the full Big Desk Energy playlist.

Some of my favorite content I found on the internet this week…

  • Carry is hosting an 8-day virtual event with dozens of amazing speakers (including me 😏). Learn the blueprints on how to scale a successful solo business. Register for free here.

  • SevenRooms is a Resy competitor that tracks diner’s spending and habits in realtime to boost restaurant loyalty and sales (Eater)

  • Waiting for the day I’m famous enough to get a hit piece. In a total unexpected turn of events, looks like Andrew Huberman sleeps with a lot of women (Intelligencer)

  • Still waiting on DraftKings to pay out on my Jontay Porter under bet. He definitely didn’t DM me to make that bet because he’s definitely not gambling on himself (ESPN)

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