I believe remote work is a massive competitive advantage… if done correctly.

At beehiiv we’ve been entirely remote from day one. Fast forward two years and we now employ over 50 people across 8 different countries.

But not only have we grown, we’ve succeeded. We raised a $12.5M Series A from Lightspeed Venture Partners in May 2023, and ended the year earning roughly $1M in revenue per month (just two years since launching).

I’d argue our shipping velocity, productivity, and team culture are second to none.

Still people always ask me, “how do you actually ensure people are working?” or “how can you scale the team efficiently with people all over the world?”

So I wrote a full playbook on the software we use, the meetings we have, the processes we put into place, and everything in between. The result is The Remote Handbook and you can have it for free below 👇️